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Charles Dickens' father was incarcerated, and which featured strongly in his great book 'Little Dorrit'. The old prison wall still stands. Thanks to an active local steering group, we now have new lighting, paving, and a new gateway to St George's Gardens. The themes of wealth and poverty, freedom and imprisonment,. Children from the local St Joseph's and Cathedral Schools collaborated on the project and appear in the scenes along with their drawings. This project was completed and opened on 25th September , and was funded by Southwark Couuncil to make the area safer and easier to use.

One of his earliest commissions came from a Master of Foxhounds who wanted a portrait of a horse, an old polo pony, with the horse itself as payment, which Aldin housed in a bicycle shed. Before long, he could be found hacking on his own mount from Bedford Park to meets at Esher. Over a short period he accumulated a second horse again in exchange for a portrait of a hunter , a Shetland pony, a donkey, two monkeys and thirteen dogs.

His artwork sales paid for his sporting hobbies and there was no shortage of magazines and newspapers who wanted Aldin's work. He produced numerous sporting colour prints as well as a series on old inns of England , illustrated R. In his autobiography, Aldin claimed: "I may as well state here and have done with it that I have no pretensions to Art. Art for the true artist should have a capital A. For me, I am ashamed to say, it has had a rather small one for my painting has always been founded on substrata of hunting possibilities, that is to say, it has had to provide me with the wherewithal to enable me to hunt, and has been tainted with this aftermath of sporting commercialism.

He was said to be a man of great charm and organised various shows, including childrens' pony shows at Cloutsham Ball and Dunster, le Touquet, and dog shows which were not always serious with awards for the ugliest dog, for example. Aldin suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, aggravated by falls in the hunting field, which forced him to give up the sport. He retired to the Balearic Islands, taking all his dogs with him horses were left behind with approved new owners and made his home at Camp de Mar, Andraitz, Mallorca.

He was survived by his wife and daughter, his son having been killed in action whilst serving with the Corps of Royal Engineers in He joined Fleetway's staff, where he was working as an art bodger on Cowboy Comics Library by He also drew a weekly strip, "Lord Elpus" , for the Sunday Extra newspaper. He has also drawn for Viz, and is a prolific book illustrator. The character Juan Miguel, known as El Charro the bold, was first to be found in the wild west of Mexico and California, often fighting on behalf of the Aztec Indians.

The new series, La Capitana , was set on the high seas and around the globe, from Africa to Australia, and Alonso could be seen developing as an artist: Jaume Salva i Lara has commented and I'm paraphrasing because I know almost no Spanish and online translators are, at best, a little sloppy that Alonso's artwork had taken on a lot of personality, the ships and military uniforms such as those of the French foreign legion drawn with an eye for detail and the exotic settings showing the influence of Hollywood movies.

To counter this rather thankless attention to realism, Alonso tried to make the pages stylistically interesting, although the results could be somewhat mannered. After a further 44 issues, the focus changed again. Now married although his wife falls ill and is soon left behind , Flaviano travels to India for his next adventure, El Amuleto Verde ; The Green Amulet , a somewhat disappointing finale to the trilogy as the artwork became hurried and less detailed, the action bowdlerised and the storyline less interesting.

It was brought to an end after 24 weeks. Alonso went on to draw more historical strips Jarko, el Temible 20 episodes, and Luis Valiente 24 episodes, before adapting a series of science fiction stories, commonly known as 'La saga de los Aznar', written by George H. He continued the adventures for 80 issues before Gago returned to the series. To some fans of the famous strip Alonso's artwork, influenced by Gago from the start, was a disappointing hiatus in a series that belonged to Gago; others consider the episodes featuring the clean, precise line of Alonso's artwork and storylines by Vincente Tortajada to be amongst the best.

Alonso began working for D. A fine example of his collaborative work with Bermejo can be seen in the "Heros" strip that appeared in Eagle Annual , although his contributions to Boys World Annual and especially the volume, show what he was capable of working solo. From he became a regular contributor to Victor, drawing dozens of weekly strips over the next 23 years. Alonso also drew occasional strips outside of the pages of Victor and Commando , including a handful of stories for girls' comics Judy, Diana, Debbie and Emma and the boys' adventure comic Bullet "Claws of Terror" in the s.

His last known contributions to British comics appeared in the early s when he drew strips for Judy Picture Library and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. By then Alonso had established himself in Spain as a painter--noted for his landscapes of northern Spain and of Spanish ports with boats jostling in the water--and has had his work exhibited in Barcelona and Madrid. See illustrators issue 22 for feature article on Matias Alonso. Matias Alonso art. Mendoza possibly born ; Spain or Mexico Artist, possibly Spanish, about whom nothing can be traced.

Mendoza was born in Izlahuaaca, Mexico, in and clearly would not have been contributing to Look and Learn in January ! Alvaro art. He eventually ended up at the Brussels Saint-Luc Institute, where he studied with young ambitious comics artists like Berthet, Foerster and Cossu. In the same magazine, he embarked on the philosophical fantasy comic series 'Rork' in The series was collected in books by Le Lombard between and and in between his work on the 'Rork' stories, Andreas published many genre one-shot comics, which cleverly expanded the limits of the comics medium.

After publishing 'Raffington Detective' with Lombard in , Andreas began an association with the publishing house Delcourt. Andreas has also published his ongoing science-fiction series 'Arq' with this publisher since In that same year, he returned to Lombard to start another sci-fi serial based on a secondary character from his 'Rork' series, 'Capricorne'. Andreas has illustrated the third instalment of the series 'Donjon Monstres' for Joann Sfar and Lewis Trondheim in , and he created the adventure one-shot 'Quintos' with Isabelle Cochet for Dargaud in Source: Lambiek Andreas Martens art.

Colin Andrew Colin Andrew has had a long and varied career in comics and as an illustrator and book cover artist, yet remains one of the lesser-known names in the field despite some high profile work. His first published work was a cartoon in Lilliput magazine , and his first strip was for a local paper where he dreamed up the storylines and drew layouts for a story of anthropomorphic trains, in the spirit of Thomas the Tank Engine. The strips were written by Willie Patterson, with whom Andrew collaborated on two newspaper strips in Lord Beaverbrook's Glasgow Daily Herald , both factual strips, one a history of the world cup, the other on famous football players.

Since the s he has concentrated on illustration including work for World of Wonder and Look and Learn and book covers ; in particular he supplied New English Library with many quickly executed covers in the s. In the s he also drew editorial cartoons for a local newspaper for three years.

Andrew returned to comics in the s via his friend Syd Jordan, who suggested he submit samples to Fleetway and Marvel UK. He was contacted by the latter and worked irregularly on episodes of Dr. Who strips in Doctor Who Magazine. Colin Andrew art. Most of his work is now held in private collections. His output was very varied ranging from strong graphic style illustration to advertising art, Cornish landscape, pure abstract art and Pop art; also sculpture and large murals.

Peter Andrews art. In , he took over Bananaman in the Dandy from John Geering. He returned for a short time to do Bananaman in In , he took over Roger the Dodger after the death of Robert Nixon. Appleby's Roger strips were similar in style to Nixon's, although his own style was always evident. A couple of years later, he drew two new strips for the Beano, with Pirates of the Caribeano beginning in September and London B following in October , both were short-lived.

He also provided the cover illustrations for the and editions of the Beano Annual. In February , Appleby became the full-time Dennis the Menace artist, and he stopped drawing Roger shortly afterwards. It appeals to that anarchic side of kids, the side that enjoys seeing someone get one over on adults. If somebody's trousers fall down or they get kicked up the bum, kids love it.

I loved it at that age; it was the same with my kids and now with my grandchildren. At the age of seventeen I was lucky enough to get a position as an art assistant, working for the Walt Disney organisation. This meant leaving my home near Barnsley, South Yorkshire and moving to London. After a few years I married and moved to Canada where both my children were born. Again I was extrememly lucky to find a position with a book publisher in Toronto where I was soon made art director. However cartoons were still in my blood and I returned to the U.

C Thomson, for whom I have drawn many of their famous characters. Many of which can be seen on this site. I have lived for many years with my wife Eileen in a small village near Sudbury, Suffolk. Both my children Carrie and Jason and my six grandchildren live near by. After many years of hiding my head in the sand in the face of modern technology my son and grandson, Ben have dragged me kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, by setting up this website for me.

Luis Arcas Brauner 20 October - July , Valencia, Spain A widely admired painter of portraits including those of Spanish royalty , landscapes and still life. He enrolled in the School of Commerce at his father's insistence. Arcas, who wanted to devote himself to the arts, eventually entered the Escuela Superior de Bellas artes de San Carlos in Valencia, where he studied until In that year he held his first exhibition.

His work was widely exhibited in Spain and in North and South America. He died in Cambridge, England, in July , aged Five years after his death, his work was celebrated as part of Un siglo de pintura valenciana A century of Valencian painting in Valencia. Luis Arcas Brauner art. Michael H. He worked on the Dance of the Hours segment of Fantasia , and on Pinocchio. After performing his military service in , Arens became a regular newspaper strip artist with Hey, Mac! Arens began producing Disney characters for overseas comics such as the British Huckleberry Hound comic in Arens had a parallel career in animation from , working as a story director for Grantray-Lawrence on their Spider-Man and Marvel Superheroes animated shows.

White's classic novel about a pig trying to avoid being killed for Christmas. Abridged from biographical notes by Steve Holland. Mike Arens art. Arnaud Dombre 4 January - 7 July Arnaud Dombre, who used the pseudonym of Arno, was born in France and traveled all over the world including Iraq, Uruguay and Chile from a very young age because his father was a French teacher. His interest in comics was forbidden by his parents, but he insisted and continued to study art in France at The Academy of Fine Arts in Paris. Here, he met Alejandro Jodorowsky, with whom he began a collaboration on the world-renowned 'Alef-Thau' series.

In , Arno illustrated the collection of short stories "Kids". Three years later, while he was working on the eighth 'Alef-Thau' album, Arno died in Paris. Source: Illustration Art Gallery Arno art. John J Arnold John J. Arnold was a commercial artist specialising in transport. He also illustrated other forms of transport, including sailing ships and paddle steamers. From biographical notes by Steve Holland. John J Arnold art. Martin Asbury Martin Asbury grew up addicted to comics, trawling through newsagents and book shops looking for American comics.

Martin's College of Art. Apart from illustrating a story for a comic book giveaway, his first illustrative work included the sheet music for Ron Grainer's The Maigret Theme and painting cardboard cut-outs for use on TV.

An advert in an magazine led him to apply for a job as an assistant for "an international cartoonist"; this was on Flash Gordon and Asbury moved to Austria for six months before clashes with Dan Barry led to his departure. Back in England he designed cards for Hallmark , rising to become their chief designer. Married in , he decided to go freelance and found work drawing for D.

Thomson's Bunty. He was to draw the strip for 21 years, working initially with Jim Edgar. From , Asbury also scriptwrited the strip. In the early days of the strip, Asbury was also able to continue working for Look-In, his strips for that paper including 'Dick Turpin', 'Battlestar Galactica' and 'Buck Rogers in the 25th Century'. However, an opportunity arose in the early s for a change in artistic direction. Asbury explained how he became a storyboard artist in an interview in Starlog: "When I was a strip cartoonist, I occasionally did TV commercial storyboards.

A friend of mine Dez Skinn had an agency dealing with design and graphics and one day a man literally walked in off the street looking for a storyboard artist. I met this guy, production designer Stuart Craig, and he was about to start work on the film Greystoke with director Hugh Hudson. It was that simple. I didn't know they were going to be fed through a copying machine and come out as grey blotches. I learned my lesson on that. He continues to work as a storyboard artist, his most recent work being for the upcoming Between Two Worlds.

Taken from biographical notes by Steve Holland. Martin Asbury art. Leslie Ashwell Wood c. See illustrators issue 4 for a Leslie Ashwell Wood feature article. Leslie Ashwell Wood art. Ray Aspden Ray Aspden has been an irregular comic strip writer and illustrator for 35 years, contributing Philpot Bottles' Orfice Boys Own to Denis Gifford's Ally Sloper in , a cartoon strip that harked back to the s penny comics, which would often feature a column from the paper's office boy recounting in badly spelled text what had been happening that week.

Ray, also a playwright, started writing for D. Thomson in the late s, selling two stories to Victor , of which only one appeared Stokehold Joe in In , having spotted an advert in The Guardian, he contacted the editors of the upcoming science fiction pocket library, Starblazer , and began contributing scripts. A second story, a reworking of the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur, followed, published as 'Sinister City' Starblazer Ray eventually became one of Starblazer's most regular writers, penning 28 issues published between and Discussing his work for the series recently, he admitted that the pattern set for those years was to have one in three of his outlines accepted, either immediately or after some amendment.

One ploy used by the editors was to send a cover, bought through an agency, and have Ray write a story around it - 'Terror Tomb' Starblazer 62 being one example. His best-known work for the series featured Hadron Halley , the idea springing from a reversal of 'sci-fi' science fiction - that fi-sci could stand for Fighting Scientist.

The concept of 'Moonsplitter' Starblazer 50 was to contrast the rational scientific approach of Halley to the gung-ho militarism of General Larz Pluto, although in writing the latter as a buffoon he "transgressed Thomson's moral code of wanting figures of authority to be seen as worthy of respect. As well as his Starblazer writing, Aspden also began contributing strips to two Welsh language publications Sboncyn and Deryn in the early s, writing and drawing two humour strips, Jac-Do and Alys Ofalus. Sboncyn was relaunched as Penbwl in , for which Aspden wrote and drew Huwi Hurt , a Dennis the Menace-type character which Aspden turned into a Hungry Horace clone.

The monthly comic folded in Since , Aspden has written and drawn two regular strips for Spaceship Away! His first comics work appeared in when he drew the series I bucanieri for Risveglio, which was distributed around schools in Venice. After taking only one examination, he left school and moved to Milan, finding work with the publicity agency SPINTA where his workload included drawing movie posters featuring many of the actors in vogue at the time.

Two years later, the company went bankrupt and Asteriti found himself in Milan without any work. Not wishing to return to Venice in defeat, Asteriti hawked his portfolio around various publishers. His interest in comics had developed as a child and, whilst still in Venice, he had known Giorgio Trevisan and Leone Frollo, the latter a Venetian contemporary who introduced him to Giorgio Bellavitis, and other members of the Asso di Picche group, Faustinelli, Ongaro and Pratt. In he joined the group of talented newcomers who began working for Caregaro's Edizioni Alpe around that era.

Asteriti created the character Bingo Bongo , the comic adventures of a young black boy, for the weekly Cucciolo. His work also continued to appear in Italy.

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In the early s he also drew Hayawatha for Corriere dei Piccoli in collaboration with Antonio Lupatelli. In , Asteriti produced Pippo e la vacanza culturale , his first strip for the Italian Disney magazine Topolino. Over the next decade he contributed to Disney Italia with increasing regularity and quickly became recognised as one of the leading contributors, both as an artist and, since , a scriptwriter a task he occasionally shared with his older brother, Franco , and eventually dropped his other work in order to concentrate on Disney characters full time, especially Mickey Mouse.

Asteriti has described Mickey as "the best friend of my childhood", a character with whom he grew up. He was awarded Il Premio Papersera in Sergio Asteriti art. Michel Atkinson Something of a mystery man with regards to cover artwork. There were some fairly substantial gaps during which time he was probably doing book covers. Although fairly prolific, it is likely that 'Michel' as he signed most of his book covers found more regular work outside of producing book covers for paperbacks and for Fleetway Publications from the mids onwards.

Michel Atkinson art. In the former category, he famously inked the work of Jack Kirby when Kirby was at his peak in the s and s, including early episodes of The Fantastic Four; as a penciller he is best known for his work on Sgt. He was raised in Poultney, near Lake Cayuga, and later said that growing up on his uncle's farm contributed to his ability to draw horses. Ayers published his first comic strip in the military newspaper Radio Post in After leaving the army, he took an adventure story he had written and drawn to Dell Comics; they planned to publish it but the project was scrapped before publication.

In , he was taking evening classes at Burne Hogarth's Cartoonists and Illustrators School in New York City where he met Superman co-creator Joe Shuster, who would drop in to visit classes, and Marvin Stein, who was teaching classes as well as being Shuster's chief assistant. Visiting Shuster's nearby studio, Ayers began producing occasional pencils for Funnyman.

Whenever trouble loomed, the spineless Calico proved to be a master gunfighter. After five episodes, he revealed an even deeper secret: he was in truth Federal Marshal Rex Fury. Dressed in a phosphorescent costume and riding a white stallion named Spectre, he becomes The Ghost Rider. He also added stories featuring Bobby Benson's B-Bar-B Riders, based on the boy cowboy of the popular radio series, to his schedule in At the same time, he began working for Atlas Comics the forerunner to today's Marvel Comics , drawing horror stories and a revival of The Human Torch.

Ayers was so busy, he employed Ernie Bache as an assistant and set up a small studio in the kitchen of an apartment owned by his wife's employer. So we were down and we had, mostly, just Charlton. We didn't quite make it. I lettered first and then I would pencil, and then I'd ink the outlines and then I'd give it to Ernie.

Ernie would erase the page laughs and then he would finish it. He would put on all the blacks and the Kraft-Tone and bring in all that stuff. So we made a good team. I didn't bother throwing in heavy blacks. I would start them, maybe, but then he would accentuate the lines I'd put in, make them a little stronger. And he was very meticulous in his approach. I mean, everything had to be a certain formula so that we could knock out four pages a day, so he was a good asset for me.

Horror and crime stories disappeared almost overnight and, after stories, The Ghost Rider also fell victim to the sweeping industry changes. Ayers' attempt at a superhero, The Avenger , lasted only one issue it was continued by Bob Powell and a Ghost Rider replacement, The Presto Kid a cowboy magician who debuted in Red Mask 51 , lasted only a few episodes.

Inking was a means to an end. Ayers "only inked to survive in comic books and support my family, which included my wife, 4 children and mother-in-law. Fury with issue 8, beginning an almost unbroken decade-long run on the comic that was to last until issue The team of Friedrich, Ayers and inker John Severin turned the book into a recognisable classic; the Howling Commandos and their cigar-chomping leader, Nick Fury, battled around the world in a series of gritty, strongly moralistic stories which were often as negative about war as they were celebrations.

Initially, Ayers had wanted to come off the title: "I didn't like Kirby's pencilling of Sgt Fury and asked off after the 3rd issue. I got a shoulder holster and. There'd always be a script for me every time I delivered my pencils," Ayers recalled. I was asked to pencil tight leaving the blacks and tones for the inker. Ayers' early work was rediscovered in and reprinted by AC Comics, although due to Marvel's copyright on a different character named Ghost Rider, the original had to became Haunted Horseman.

Discovering the reprints, Ayers agreed to draw some new episodes. In the new millennium, Ayers has continued to draw occasionally, contributing pin-ups and a number of short stories to benefit and tribute comics Actor Comics Presents, , The 3-Minute Sketchbook, ; The Uncanny Dave Cockrum , Ayers' son, Rich, has also drawn comics. Chris Bachalo born August 23, Chris Bachalo is an American comic book illustrator known for his quirky, cartoon-like style. Beginning in April, Chris illustrated his creator-owned series Steampunk.

Bachalo was born in Canada but was raised in Southern California. He has told interviewers that, as a child, he wanted to be a carpenter until he discovered he was allergic to dust. He attended the California State University at Long Beach, where he majored in graphic art and illustrated a few underground comics. After graduation, Bachalo sought work in the mainstream comic book industry. His first published assignment was The Sandman 12 Jan. Although before working on that issue, DC had already hired him as the regular artist for Shade, the Changing Man, an older property revived as an adult-oriented series by writer Peter Milligan.

His early s style is minimalist with strong, thick lines, quirky characters and little concern for realism. Bachalo did not shy away from detailed landscapes but showed a rare penchant for pages with many small panels. Based on the success and fanfare from X-Men Unlimited 1, in , Bachalo ended his stint on Shade and began working for Marvel Comics.

He then illustrated the first three issues of Ghost Rider , one of in a line of series reinventing popular Marvel characters in the year He also drew a cover for Runaways. The group Lobdell and Bachalo created, Generation X, was purposely bizarre and idiosyncratic because the two wanted to avoid the recent trend in superhero teams, where each team member represented a recognizable stock character. Bachalo illustrated the series through much of its first three years, taking a break in late and early to illustrate the second Death miniseries, Death: The Time of Your Life.

Heavily influenced by Joe Madureira, Bachalo's characters became more cartoony and manga-like, with large eyes, heads and hands. He gravitated towards extremes in anatomy, drawing characters that were previously portrayed as bulky, short, or thin as even more so. In , Bachalo launched Steampunk, a comic book series inspired by the genre of fiction of the same name, which emulates early science fiction and in an alternate version of the early s. The series was criticized for Bachalo's overly detailed pencils, small panels and muddy dark coloring, which sometimes made it difficult to discern what was happening.

Similarly, Joe Kelly's writing was not as straightforward as a mass audience typically preferred. Contrarily, the book's supporters praised it for those same reasons, as well as for the sheer imagination of the characters and story. The series, intended to be 25 issues, ended prematurely after the second story arc in issue In an attempt to humanize Steve Rogers, the pair managed to split fans opinions fairly resoundingly with both leaving the title - Morales 10 issues short of his intended contract for the series. He was often filled-in for by artist Humberto Ramos, however.

Bachalo has also pencilled and coloured a number of cards for the Vs. These have been renditions of both Marvel and DC characters. On top of his continuing work for Marvel, Bachalo finished issue 7 of Comicraft's Elephantmen, an issue 4 years in the making. The issue was done entirely in double-page spreads and marks his reunion with Steampunk writer Joe Kelly. Bachalo has also been one of the four artists who was originally part of the Spider-Man Relaunch. Antonio Fabela is a regular colorist of Bachalo's work.

Source: Wikipedia. Geoffrey William Backhouse 16 November - 1 August ; b. Holywell, Flintshire, Wales In , Backhouse began drawing Strongheart the Magnificent for Comic Life , the comic strip adventures of a magnificent German Shepherd modelled on a canine Hollywood film star. Strongheart, one of the earliest adventure strips to regularly appear in British comics, continued his adventures when Comic Life was relaunched as My Favourite and would continue to appear, drawn by a number of different artists, until After the war, Backhouse illustrated a number of books for Collins, including Mr.

Backhouse subsequently contributed many wildlife illustrations to Look and Learn and Treasure , appearing in the former from onwards. Some of his most notable contributions were for a series of short animal stories written by F. Mars, Alan C. Jenkins and F. Turnbull that appeared in He died in Tollington Park, London N4, in Backhouse art. Jim Baikie Baikie began his career illustrating Valentine for Fleetway. Over the next twenty years, he built a solid reputation working for TV comics such as Look-in, including adaptations of The Monkees and Star Trek , all scripted by Angus P.

Baikie also worked extensively in girls' comics such as Jinty. In the s, he drew The Twilight World in Warrior. In Britain, he is probably best known for collaborating with Alan Moore on Skizz , a reworking of the film E. Baikie has also worked extensively in the United States, on superhero strips such as Batman and The Spectre. A new collaboration with Alan Moore also appeared in the guise of the First American. Jim Baikie art. There followed various careers in photography, journalism and television.

The latter was shooting television commercials on film and hosting a children's television show. He then entered the field of aviation art, and became known worldwide in the genre for creating oil paintings of military action and having the veterans sign lithographs made from them. Movie producer George Lucas came across Robert's aviation art website and asked him to work on Star Wars. Lucas was sufficiently impressed by Robert's work to purchase originals for his private collection. Robert has gone on to create similar work for sale at comic conventions.

His favourite characters are C3PO and Yoda, although he recreates the full spectrum of Star Wars characters in pencil. He is now retired from oil painting but finds that pencil is more fluid and scenes can be created far faster this way. The number of fans at Comic-Cons who purchase Robert's original movie creations has increased in leaps and bounds over the past four years, and he loves to meet all of the fans who attend. Besides being a licensed Star Wars and Disney artist, Robert is now also licensed for Marvel characters, after having been approached by the Marvel licensor.

Characters are mostly The Avengers and Spider Man. Stan Lee, creator of Spider Man, says that Robert is his favourite artist. Source: Robert Bailey. Bill Baker Bill Baker is something of a mystery artist. Although it is possible to track his work through various comics over a twenty-year period, very little is known about the artist himself. He first appears with one-off stories in Top Spot , followed by a brief serial, New Rider at Clearwater , and illustrations for Girl in Rider Haggard, Bill Baker art. James Bama born 28 April ; USA James Bama is an American artist whose work encompasses two major strands: his Western paintings and what can be described - but not dismissively - as pulp art.

To the collector, his name is inextricably linked with the adventures of Doc Savage and the paperback covers he illustrated during his time as a commercial artist. He then turned to fine art, which proved even more rewarding commercially and raised his status to Artist and earned him comparisons with Norman Rockwell and N.

James E. Bama was born in Manhattan on 28 April , the second son of Benjamin Bama, a Russian-born apron salesman, and his wife Selma, also the daughter of Russian immigrants. Army Air Corps' Eastern Flying Training Command unit in , where he worked as a mechanic and physical training instructor, as well as painting murals.

He became known especially for the 62 covers he painted for Bantam Books' reprints of Doc Savage pulp magazine stories. Clark Savage Jr had been the star of full-length adventures in the pages of Doc Savage Magazine , of them written by prolific pulpster Lester Dent. Bama gave Doc a buzz cut, replacing the kiss-curl of his pulp days, and beefed him up, using Steve Holland, a muscular fashion model who had starred in the Flash Gordon TV series in , as the basis for his vision of Doc Savage.

The books sold incredibly well and all stories were reprinted between and Although much of his early work was Western covers for the likes of Louis L'Amour and Zane Grey, Bama quickly expanded his cover art repertoire to include everything from contemporary novels, thrillers, romances and non-fiction. Lovelace and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Bama then changed tack after first visiting Wyoming in ; he and his wife, Lynn, a photographer whom he met in , moved permanently to Cody, Wyoming, in During this period he transited from illustration to making more personal works, often inspired by his new surroundings.

Much of his work was of contemporary Western and Native American subjects ; wildlife and mountain men feature against stunning Wyoming backdrops. Bama is inspired by real inhabitants of the state, visiting reservations and meeting trappers and cowboys; his prices rapidly escalated and, within three years, he was making far more than he had as an illustrator. He also sought inspiration in travel, to China, Mexico, Tibet and Turkey. His work is to be found in the collections of Clint Eastwood, Nicholas Cage and Malcolm Forbes as well as numerous galleries.

Bama, who has lived in Wapati, Wyoming, since , remains a keen on physical training, regularly doing heavy exercise even in his eighties. He is a keen reader and movie viewer. Of Greek Cypriot descent, and speaking only Greek, he has said that it was the discovery of comics at the age of four that helped him learn English, although this form of education was not appreciated by some. One English teacher was thoroughly frustrated that he was always reading comics and his collection - with TV21 being his comic of choice - was thrown out by his mother along with his Marvels and DCs!!

This only led to him becoming more determined to create his own comics. In he co-founded the on-line comic Aces Weekly with David Lloyd. Edgar Henry Banger 27 February - ; Norwich, Norfolk, UK Edgar Henry Banger rhymes with 'danger' - or as he was known, Harry Banger - was born in Norwich, UK and was well known for his amazing cartoon illustrations from and most proficient through the s in which his colourful characters were included in comics such as Rattler, Dazzler, Rocket and Bouncer.

His artwork was also well recognised through Norfolk, being a regular cartoonist for the local papers such as The Eastern Daily Press, Evening News and the Norwich City Football club paper The Pink Un, in which a lot of his tongue in cheek cartoons were mostly Football based.

He was famous for the characters Canary and Dumpling featuring debonair characters with a cartoon Canary or Dumpling head in the Norwich city Colours.

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He did most of his work from home in his small studio room in the back of the terrace house that he lived in at Wood Street Norwich, with his wife Maud Banger, daughter Yvonne, and sons Ray and Neville. He died in at the age of Source: ukcomics. Severino Baraldi born , Italy Severino Baraldi was born on 10 December in Sermide, a small village 50 kilometres from Mantova in the Lombardy region of northern Italy.

As a boy, he entertained customers of the local barber by with his chalk drawings on the pavement. He worked as a carpenter, drawing cartoons for a local paper whose editor encouraged him to seek his fortune in the capital of the Lombardy region. Ulisse and Ciuffo Biono were praised by the reviewer for Radiotelevisione Italiana for their elegant illustrations, which helped to establish the name of the artist who often signed his work with the abbreviation Bar.

Separated Whistler from Whistler : a retrospective [ Collectorator ]. Collectorator removed author "Hinks, Peter" from Victorian Jewelry secondary, all editions. Collectorator added author Colour Library International Ltd. Collectorator added author Worthington, Jolene to The perfect pie primary, all editions.

Collectorator removed author "Lemke, Robert F. Tucker [published: July, ] [[[by]]] Samuel R. Collectorator added author Lemke, Robert F. Delany see work. The Star Pit. Proposal for tag Snow Leopard. AbhayKaviraj combined the authors J. M Ward and J. Higgins see work.

AbhayKaviraj combined Ancient freemasonry, an introduction to the study of masonic archaeology [[[by]]] Frank C. Separated Tango Charlie AbhayKaviraj combined A. Higgins, A. Frank C. Collectorator added author Piepenbrock, Mechthild to Best of Baking primary, all editions. Separated Sailing to Byzantium from Sailing to Byzantium [ r. Hittleman, Guida allo yoga pratico [[[by]]] Richard L. Hittleman see work. Hittleman, Yoga: The 8 steps to health and peace [[[by]]] Richard L.

Collectorator combined Rolls-Royce Catalogue Howgego, Printed Maps of London, c. Howgego see work. Carter see work. Beresford Chancellor see work. Collectorator combined Plastering : a craftman's encyclopaedia [[[by]]] Brian F. Collectorator combined Pirates [[[by]]] H.

Pyne [[[by]]] W. Pyne Aug Paperback [[[by]]] William H. Pyne see work. Hamilton Jenkin see work. Wagner see work. Taphophile13 removed author "Allen, William G. Conway, Raymond F. Dasmann and Norman Myers Durward L. Army see work. Taphophile13 removed author "Allen, Durward L. Cunninghame Graham see work. Eaton, Exodus [[[by]]] Michael Eaton see work.

Scott Bailey see work. Chandler see work. Beam Piper see work. Barnes with "Split the author. Denham see work. Zur Lage der Nation. Separated Towards a sustainable worklife building social capacity - European approaches from Pianoforte: A Social History of the Piano [ leselotte ].

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Included The curious incident of the dog in the night-time [drama] inside The National Theatre production : the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time [programme] [ kleh ]. JMK removed author "Collectif" from De baby secondary, all editions. JMK removed author "fiction" from Breathing Underwater secondary, all editions. Rawson see work. Anderson and H. Collectorator saved Helen Oakley with "Keep undivided. Proposal for tag expedition polaire to be combined into polar expedition [ JMK ].

Volume 1. Rid yourself of the wall plug, save money, go green or use in an emergency. Hardee see work. Of Invention Formal 2. Separated Den evige vandring opad from Den evige vandring opad [ leselotte ]. Romanzo [[[by]]] Nikos Kazantzakis, El Crist de nou crucificat : novel. Baillie, Kurrachee, past, present, and future [[[by]]] Alexander F. Baillie see work. Bourgeon [[[by]]] F. Separated The last temptation of Christ from The last temptation of Christ [ leselotte ]. Aijazuddin, The fickle 70s : memoirs, [[[by]]] F. Aijazuddin see work. Awan see work. Awan and A.

Separated Zorba the Greek from Zorba the Greek [ leselotte ]. Separated Paskutinis gundymas: [romanas] from Paskutinis gundymas: [romanas] [ leselotte ]. Thomas see work. Separated Symposium from Symposium [ leselotte ]. MBurkhimer uploaded a picture of D. Volume 1, Number 3 [[[by]]] Kimon ed. I, No. Friar see work. MBurkhimer uploaded a picture of David Axelrod.

JMK added author Darrieussecq, Marie to Rapport de police : Accusations de plagiat et autres modes de surveillance de la fiction Author, primary, all editions. II Only from Infantry Tactics [ surly ]. Separated Odisea from [ leselotte ]. Separated Odisea from The Odyssey [ leselotte ]. The Poor [[[by]]] Elizabeth Melling, The poor; a collection of examples from original sources in the Kent Archives Office, from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century [[[by]]] Elizabeth Melling see work.

MarthaJeanne combined Mami muss mal raus. Cynfelyn uploaded a picture of Wandsworth Public Libraries. Cynfelyn added author Aubrey, Doris to The Wandsworth collection of early children's books Compiler, main, all editions. Cynfelyn added author Corbett, Edmund V. JMK removed author "P" from Pig tales : a novel of lust and transformation secondary, all editions. JMK removed author "MarieDarrieussecq" from Pig tales : a novel of lust and transformation secondary, all editions. JMK added author Darrieussecq, Marie to Pig tales : a novel of lust and transformation Author, primary, all editions.

Proposal for tag pseudoscience to be combined into ffugwyddoniaeth [ Cynfelyn ]. Collectorator combined Harry S. IslaWynter uploaded a picture of Isla Wynter. Vie de Paula M. Proposal for tag classics to be combined into classic [ JMK ]. Proposal for tag gangsters to be combined into gangster [ JMK ]. Christina Butler [[[by]]] M. Christina Butler see work. Cynfelyn added author Wandsworth Public Libraries to The Wandsworth collection of early children's books primary, all editions. James R. Powell see work.

Collectorator added author editors, Consumer Guide to Fascinating Baseball Facts primary, all editions. TheRavenking combined Justine by Durrell,Lawrence. Separated Suomala from Suomalaiset kansansadut. Separated Suomala from Night Train [ jaarnitaival ]. Um Olhar Amoroso. Collectorator removed author "Natow, Annette B. Collectorator removed author "Publications International" from Victory in the Gulf Signet secondary, all editions.

TheRavenking combined Lost Atlantis; new light on an old legend [by] J. Luce see work. Enzer and Hyman Aaron Enzer. Collectorator added author Moira Butterfield to Go to sleep, little pig! Bagchi see work. AbhayKaviraj assigned Tantra Granthamala No. Stewart, A Wolf at the Door [[[by]]] K. Stewart see work. Illustrator, secondary, all editions.

TheRavenking combined Homer and the Homeric age [[[by]]] J. Luce, Homero y la Edad Heroica [[[by]]] J. Luce, Homer and the Heroic Age [[[by]]] J. Cynfelyn uploaded a picture of Rosemary Auchmuty. January 1, Hardcover [[[by]]] I. Stone, The Trial of Socrates [[[by]]] I. Stone see work. TheRavenking combined All governments lie : life of I. Stone [[[by]]] I. Stone, All Governments Lie [[[by]]] I. TheRavenking combined Reading the Past [[[by]]] J.

Hooker see work. Aeneas Gunn see work. AbhayKaviraj combined the authors Tony Nader and Prof. Tony Nader. AbhayKaviraj combined Matrimonial Ceremonies Displayed: Wherein Are Exhibited the Various Customs, Odd Pranks, Whimsical Tricks and Surprising Practices of near One Hundred Different Kingdoms and People [[[by]]] Louis de Gaya, Matrimonial ceremonies displayed wherein are exhibited the various customs, odd pranks, whimsical tricks and surprising practices of near one hundred different kingdoms and peoples in the world, now used in the celebration and consumption of matrimony [[[by]]] Louis de Gaya see work.

Carmel and the Decline of the American Republic primary, all editions. Included Goebbels. Tome 2 : Translator, secondary, some editions. Tome 2 : Author, primary, all editions. Tome 1 : Author, primary, all editions. Tome 1 : Translator, secondary, some editions. Tome 2 : [[[by]]] Peter Longerich see work. Tome 1 : [[[by]]] Peter Longerich see work. Separated Goebbels. Massey and Peter Massey. Removed Himmler.

Tome 1 : septembre from inside Himmler. Tome 2 : Septembre mai [ JMK ]. Included Himmler. Collectorator permanently prevented the combination of authors Thomas Mann and Tomasz Mann. Collectorator permanently prevented the combination of authors Tomasz Mann and Thomas Mann. Lyndatrue permanently prevented the combination of authors Harlan Ellison and Roger Elwood. Lyndatrue permanently prevented the combination of authors Roger Elwood and Harlan Ellison. Lyndatrue permanently prevented the combination of authors J Pournelle and Harlan Ellison.

Lyndatrue permanently prevented the combination of authors Harlan Ellison and J Pournelle. Lyndatrue permanently prevented the combination of authors Harlan Ellison and Jerry E. Lyndatrue permanently prevented the combination of authors Jerry E. Pournelle and Harlan Ellison. Collectorator added author Mann, Thomas to Zwei Festreden primary, all editions. Lyndatrue permanently prevented the combination of authors edited by Martin H.

Greenberg and David Drake. Lyndatrue permanently prevented the combination of authors David Drake and edited by Martin H. Tome 2 : Septembre mai Translator, secondary, some editions. Tome 1 : septembre Translator, secondary, some editions. Tome 1 : septembre Author, primary, all editions.

Tome 2 : Septembre mai Author, primary, all editions. D -The TV-, Vol. Collectorator removed author "Smith, R. Collectorator added author Smith, Richard Edwin to Ancient society and institutions: studies presented to Victor Ehrenberg on his 75th birthday Contributor, secondary, all editions. Separated R. Lyndatrue permanently prevented the combination of authors Kathy Kiernan and Mark Helprin. Lyndatrue permanently prevented the combination of authors Mark Helprin and Kathy Kiernan. Fox see work. Fox and Theron Fox. Rubinstein, Janet C. Kilbride, and Sharon Nagy. Bouquin added author Kilbride, Janet C.

Bouquin added author Rubinstein, Robert L. Smith 3 surly saved R. Smith with "Split the author. Smith see work. AmandaKerr uploaded a picture of Pith Schure. Bouquin combined Clothing Liberation [[[by]]] Laura Torbet, Clothing liberation; out of the closets and into the streets [[[by]]] Laura Torbet see work. Cherryh, Downbelow Station [[[by]]] C. Cherryh, Downbelow Station - C.

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Cherryh see work. Bouquin added author Kleffens, E. Mit Karte im Anhang. Bouquin combined the authors Kleffens and E. Sprague de Camp see work. Manucy see work. Author, primary, all editions. Scott see work. Illustrations originales de Louradour. TalvitarMovies combined Rooma. Separated Garden cop from Garden cop [ SimoneA ]. Separated An enchanted season from An enchanted season [ SimoneA ]. John [[[by]]] Wylly Folk St. John, The mystery of the other girl [[[by]]] Wylly Folk St. John see work.