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Read our Privacy Policy to learn more. Explore the critical role of Fairfax County in Civil War history. The total American Civil War immersive experience is found both inside and outside the county with multiple museums, Civil War battle sites, and poignant historic sites telling the story of the most turbulent time in American history.

Have you ever considered what it might be to seal yourself up in a box and mail yourself through the post, or perhaps lie in a cold and muddy swamp for hours and hours with the baying of hounds hot on your trail howling in your ears? Have you ever risked everything just for the freedom to say you belong to yourself, and nobody else? The Underground Railroad assisted African slaves seeking just that freedom in attaining it during the Civil War era, and in the capital region visitors may experience this for themselves through the collection of exhaustive information, exhibitions, historical collections, and more documentation of the dangerous ways by which brave slaves risked everything for the chance at freedom.

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Men in each army strove to improve their position as best they could. For many, this meant digging at the red soil and building earthworks.

Virginia in the American Civil War

Soldiers recalled that each side was especially tense. A single shot from a lone picket would bring down a barrage of artillery fire on that specific sector. Occasional sniping between the Yankees and the Rebels occurred up and down the lines. On some parts of the line, particularly on my right, not water was to be had, and none was obtained until darkness enabled the men to crawl back and supply themselves and their comrades from a stream near by, to connect with which a trench was dug and an embankment thrown up during the night and by this means communication was established with the rear.

In the meantime our killed and wounded lay out in the space between the lines, those of the latter who could not crawl suffering intensely. The cries of the wounded were not just heard by a Confederate private or a Yankee division commander. Meade referred the matter to Grant who penned a note to Robert E.

The chess game being played between Grant and Lee on the battlefield over the last month now moved to their dispatches. Lee responded by suggesting that the Federals send out a flag of truce, as required by military protocol. This was something that Grant was unwilling to do outright. He had pushed Lee back from the Rapidan to the threshold of Richmond at the cost of thousands of men killed and wounded and he was not about to concede a loss to his opponent. Grant may have also considered the ripple effect of sending out a flag of truce. Later that year, residents of the Northern States would be going to the polls to elect the next President.

A defeat in one of the major theaters of war could potentially have catastrophic results for Abraham Lincoln who was running on a platform of seeing the conflict through to the end. On June 7, Union stretcher bearers made their way out from the lines.