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A place for remembering loved ones. A space for sharing memories.

Young people tend not to have read her. She is seldom taught. These have largely disappeared, in my experience, from circulation. How did it come to this?

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In part, it may be that Murdoch was too prolific. Less might have been more. A few of her novels, if not outright duds, are dud-like. In part, too, it may be that Murdoch is supremely hard to pin down in nearly every regard. There is her ardent and complicated sexuality, for example. She had many liaisons with both men and women throughout her life, even during her long and happy marriage to the shambling and abstracted English literary critic and writer John Bayley. Bayley, who tolerated her affairs, wrote three memoirs about his life with Murdoch. This was two too many. Murdoch was a staunch feminist, and a pioneer in putting complex and believable gay and lesbian characters into novels.

Nothing about her was ever simple. To allow her name to fade from the list of the most elite writers in English of the second half of the 20th century is to begin to take our bearings from the wrong landmarks.

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To borrow a line from Peter J. She was the rare kind of great, buoyant, confident writer who could drive the whole machine. She was as in touch with animal instincts as intellectual ones.

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The scope of her vision makes you feel, when you are close to her fiction, that you have glimpsed the sublime — that you have swum very near to a whale.