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Will Diggle and Lyla finally catch Dante? Is Felicity really going to kill Diaz? Who is hunting Team Arrow? Is Curtis leaving the team for good?

Felicity is pregnant!?!? All these questions and more will be answered on […]…. Why is a documentary crew following Oliver around? Can Team Arrow reunite to stop Chimera? Wait, did they all just get arrested… again!?!? All these […]…. Are Diggle and Lyla headed down a dark path?

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Can Felicity help Laurel stay a hero? Did they seriously just […]…. Will Oliver unearth a dark secret about the new Green Arrow? Is Diggle seriously enlisting the help of Ricardo Diaz? Can Barry and Oliver stop Deegan and the Monitor before the rewrite the entire universe? How […]…. Is another vigilante archer in Star City?

Wait, do we have to call him Officer […]…. Will Oliver survive his last day in prison? What is Diaz planning? Is Turner friend or foe? Wait, is Diggle a ninja!?!? Did Laurel honestly think that […]….

Will the identity of the Demon be revealed? Can Oliver put a stop to Level Two? Has Curtis turned his back on field work? Does Star City not employ a single paralegal!?!? Is Oliver getting more than he bargained for on Level Two?

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Can Rene and Dinah work together to stop the latest threat to the Glades? Is Felicity finally going to turn into a […]…. Can Ollie trust Brick? Will Felicity and Agent Watson be able to work together to bring in Diaz? Can Diggle still trust Lyla? Did they hide a wrestling match in the middle […]…. Who are these mysterious Longbow Hunters?

Can Felicity take orders from A. What is that shank made of? Where did they find a corkscrew in prison?!?! Who is the new Green Arrow? Will Oliver adapt to life in prison? Are Felicity and William safe from Diaz? Wait, did they just pull a Lost?!?! Throughout the Quiver portion of the event, the gang did a retrospective of the last season as they look ahead to Season 7 of A Will Green Arrow and the Outsiders finally take down Diaz?

Will all of our heroes survive the final assault […]….

Green Arrow Quiver Volume 1

Whose side is Anatoly on? How will our heroes ever take down Diaz?

Will Felicity ever learn the appropriate time […]…. Will Oliver be convicted for his vigilante activities? Will Wild Dog do the right things? Did Mike get his Star Wars tickets!?! Can Oliver turn Anatoly back to his side? Time and again he just nails people as he takes Oliver on a tour of the DC universe. Smith continued on Green Arrow for a further story, Sounds of Violence , and Hester for considerably longer, but Quiver is the gold standard.

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